Mi-kyung Kim (김미경), classical soprano opera singer

Beyond her career as soloist and recitalist in theaters, concert halls and churches, Mi-kyung Kim is constantly looking for opportunities to share with the public her passion for opera and classical singing. There are many possibilities: opera, operetta, sacred music, concerts of all types and religious services. Mi-kyung ventures also with pleasure in the realms of Broadway musicals, French chanson, gospel, jazz and even sometimes pop music.

There are various opportunities: production of a theater or festival, gala evening, concert organized by professional or amateur choirs, city, association, culture department, private concert. Mi-kyung is used to performing during events for cultural associations and entreprises, but even as an individual you should not hesitate to seek her help in making even more emotional and unforgettable a wedding ceremony, funeral or any other family celebration, whether religious or not.

Mi-kyung Kim (김미경), classical soprano opera singer

Mi-kyung Kim is registered as an individual business operator in the French Répertoire des Entreprises et des Etablissements (SIRENE). Therefore individuals and associations can contact her directly to obtain a cost estimate for a performance anywhere in the world.

In France specifically, Mi-kyung is registered with the Congés Spectacle. Therefore concert organizers in France, including individuals, can hire her through a simple online declaration at the Guichet Unique du Spectacle Occasionnel (GUSO). We can assist you with this administrative task that ensures an easy way of respecting the specific social contributions and tax rules for artists in the live show business in France.

Scarlett EntertainmentMi-kyung is also part of the team of artists represented by the global entertainment agency and event manager Scarlett Entertainment. For an event requiring artists from various fields or with complex organisation requirements, it is also possible to ask for a quotation through the agency.


Mi-kyung is available for events worldwide. The price depends on the type of performance and the number of required songs. It garantees the outstanding quality and allows Mi-kyung to keep singing exclusively as soloist, with 20+ years of professional singing experience and constant daily practice, alone as well as with her team of professional pianists and vocal coaches, like athletes do in order to remain at the highest level. The price of Mi-kyung's performances is composed of:

  • Mi-kyung's base artistic fee, which includes the preparation phase, practice and rehearsals with her piano accompanist and the great diva acting as her vocal coach
  • If their presence is required, the performance fee of the pianist or organist or possibly other musicians accompanying Mi-kyung
  • If the performance is out of Paris region, travel expenses including lodging and food depending on the duration of the undertaking

As an indication, Mi-kyung's fee starts around 4000€. This is aligned to a singer's fee for an evening opera performance singing a main soloist role and it reflects the outstanding level she has achieved after so many years of training and practice. Mi-kyung prepares for each performance, whatever its nature, as if it were the most important opera event. Even for songs she already knows well, she rehearses as many times as required and does not count her time and tremendous efforts in order to always be perfectly prepared.

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To ask for more information or a quotation, please refer to page Contact Mi-kyung


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