Mi-kyung Kim (김미경), chanteuse soprano lyrique

You are on the official website of Mi-kyung Kim (김미경), classical opera singer, lyric soprano, soloist and recitalist. This sensitive French-Korean artist with a global reach currently lives near Paris, France. She performs mainly for private concerts and various events in France, the U.S.A, Korea or any other parts of the world whenever she is called for a contract.

This site provides information about her biography, some of her concertspictures, video and audio clips, contact information, practical ways to book her for private events, festivals, opera or sacred music concerts, as well as soloist performances with a chorus, for a private recital or a religious office such as a wedding mass... or any other non religious ceremony.


To grasp quick facts about her carreer, you can read a short biography:

Courte biographie en français


Short biography in English


Kurze Biografie auf deutsch

Biographie en français


Biography in English


Kurze Biografie auf deutsch


The site page Video clips provides direct links to video recordings and extracts of various live concerts published on Youtube. They include among others the Ave Maria of Gounod and Schubert, opera arias of Massenet's Manon and Bellini's Juliet in the opera "I Capuleti e i Montecchi", which can be accessed directly here:

  Ave Maria Charles Gounod voice piano live concert thumb   Ave Maria Franz Schubert voice piano home opera studio thumb   Suis-je gentille ainsi Manon Massenet opera voice piano live concert thumb   O quante volte Giulietta Bellini opera voice piano live concert thumb

You may also enjoy this song, a Korean melody especially inspiring to Mi-kyung. This is a setting to music by Korean composer Woon-Young Na (나운영) of Psalm 23 'The Lord is my Shepherd' - 여호와는 나의 목자시니:

  Psalm 23 Korean melody Woon-Young Na piano voice live concert thumb

Audio extracts recorded during live concerts have been bundled into a first album entitled "Concerts Parisiens: melodie, lied, opera" released in June 2010. A second album entitled "Live in St Amarin: De Summertime à West Side Story" followed in March 2012. Based on jazz, gospel and Broadway musical theater, it was recorded during a recital given by Mi-kyung in the 2011 edition of the "Festival Jazz Amarinois" in Saint-Amarin, France.

Then in May 2014, Mi-kyung came back to a classical repertoire inspired by her German period and the numerous concerts she had given in Germany. She released a studio album called "Lieder forever: Schubert, Mozart, Schumann, Strauss". She is accompanied on the piano by her friend, the marvelous French-Georgian pianist Olga Bakhutashvili.

A selection of tracks froms her CDs can be listened to from the site page Audio clips. To support Mi-kyung or simply for your own pleasure, you can buy the albums or single tracks on iTunes, Amazon and others... All the details are here.


The site page Repertoire lists the main pieces sung by opera singer Mi-kyung Kim. She focuses mainly on the Classical and Romantic periods. Her area of interest covers widely opera (Mozart, Bellini, Puccini, Rossini, Gounod, Bizet...), operetta (Johann Strauss, Lehar...), oratorio and sacred music (Bach, Haydn, Mozart, Schubert, Franck, Fauré, Brahms...), German lied (Richard Strauss, Schumann, Wolf, Mozart...), French and Italian melodie (Fauré, Poulenc, Debussy, Ravel, Duparc, Hahn, Tosti, Bellini, Parisotti...). Beyond classical music, our lyric soprano also sings pieces of jazz, gospel, chansons as well as extracts of famous musicals or even pop music. Ed Sheeran's Perfect for instance is a very popular piece for wedding ceremonies.


Mi-kyung is active online on several social network, streaming and video upload sites. Feel free to contact her and to add her to your list of friends on these sites. It is the best way to support her and remain informed on her news and projects (concerts, album release, upload of new video and audio clips...)

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